3rd of August

This day holds a special place in my heart. It is the day we got the Studio and started working on the Nabiilabee brand. We started with a couple of hundred pounds each so almost nothing. For a whole month straight till the 3rd of September, we were working on the logo, the brand colours, the collections, the patterns, research and created the website. When I say we I mean me and my husband. We did pretty much everything ourselves, of course, got a photographer for our shoot and makeup artist and a graphic designer to touch up our logo....

Ottoman Collection Launch

Salam my honey bees! As promised i am back to blogging regularly. In todays post i wanted to talk about my new collection: Ottoman. Inspired by my travels to Turkey this year i've already been there twice this year, that's how much i love it! 

I was really inspired by the beautiful prints and buildings and the history. It is just incredible! So being half Tatar from the Turkish descendant i thought it would be interesting to explore more of that side of the world. And as i love mixing and matching prints it was the perfect...

Getting our own Milkshake Flavour

Salam! Good evening my honey bees! I'm back to regular blogging now and have some really cool stuff coming up!

So firstly, i haven't shared the news with you on here that we have our own milkshake flavour at @shakehousebirmingham that we created ourselves and it's very unique! And only available at Shakehouse! 

I wanted to create a flavour that would be very 'Nabiilabee' so obviously honey was the main ingredient and then after adding others like peanut butter, 'Crunchie' chocolate nothing was giving it that unique new flavour. And then we found the magic ingredient! And...

Fatumina Bee bag Breakout!!

Salam, and hey my honey bees! How have you all been ? It's been a really long time since i last sat down and made a blog post. I've been so busy if you follow me on either snapchat or instagram (@nabiilabee) you'll know how busy i've been.

Travelling to New York, Turkey and all over England and also moving house. Alhamdulillah it's now less hectic in my life and i can finally sit down and do a blog post.

Todays post is dedicated to Fatumina (@fatuminamusic) who so sweetly sent me images of how she styled her...


This was by far the hardest and most stressful shoot i have done, mainly because i did it all by myself! 

I did everything from the concept, to the styling to getting the embroidery done, the pick ups and drop offs. However it was so worth it all because it just came out amazing!

These mini backpacks are a must! How can you not have a backpack?! They are the best type of bags; so comfortable, actually fit a lot inside, and go with everything! I love how I can just throw a backpack with every outfit...