3rd of August

This day holds a special place in my heart. It is the day we got the Studio and started working on the Nabiilabee brand. We started with a couple of hundred pounds each so almost nothing. For a whole month straight till the 3rd of September, we were working on the logo, the brand colours, the collections, the patterns, research and created the website. When I say we I mean me and my husband. We did pretty much everything ourselves, of course, got a photographer for our shoot and makeup artist and a graphic designer to touch up our logo. But everything was done by the two of us. We spent day and night working constantly. 

The journey itself was amazing! From going to sleep at 6am to working 16hours plus some days. We put everything into our brand. Our sweat, blood and tears. It's going to be a year next month since we launched the brand. And I am so proud of how far we have come. I loved every step of the journey so far, it has been incredible. 

The bee is a very big part and symbol of our brand not just the visual logo, but the meaning behind it. Bees work together and support one another and we stand firm to that. The reason I wanted to bring a modest clothing brand is that I was sick of not having modest brands and modest brands that were cool too. Also, I stand firmly behind having affordable products for everyone!  We do have a range of different prices and we try and make our products as affordable to our customers as possible. As I believe everyone should be able to afford modest clothing. 

The way our website is laid out also is specific going back to the bee, we do collections in 3's or 6. Which obviously related the bee having 6 legs and the hexagon honey comb having 6 sides. Even our launch date was on the 3rd. 

We are constantly working on new ideas on how to better the brand and bring the best to our customers. Recently we worked on some super cool unique packaging, in the shape of a suitcase as my husband likes to say but I call it more of a vintage style doctor bag. So bringing some new and never seen before items are what we're about.

I hope you love our brand as much as we do. 

Love Nabila . 

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