This was by far the hardest and most stressful shoot i have done, mainly because i did it all by myself! 

I did everything from the concept, to the styling to getting the embroidery done, the pick ups and drop offs. However it was so worth it all because it just came out amazing!

These mini backpacks are a must! How can you not have a backpack?! They are the best type of bags; so comfortable, actually fit a lot inside, and go with everything! I love how I can just throw a backpack with every outfit and it looks just that more cool. Since i got them i haven't touched any of my other bags! I'm the kinda girl that chooses comfort over anything else (hence why you never see me wear heels in real life! haha) and these are just the best.

We currently have them in three colours: black, pink and khaki and they are faux leather.

The amazing team behind this shoot:


Model @ooohxnna



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  • So cuteee <3

    • Hannah
  • These bags are amazing. My mom got me on and take it everywhere with me because its so stylish! Thank you so much Nabiila!!!

    • Anjum