Clothing launch! Turtleneck Sweaters

Hi beauties! It's been a while since I last blogged have been away travelling I was in Malaysia which I will be blogging about soon. But I am so excited to have launched my first clothing collection - the turtleneck sweaters! I wanted to create something  that everyone is familiar with but use bold colours and of course add a touch of beeauty :D

As many of you who follow me know, I'm "obsessed" with high neck jumpers and turtlenecks so it only made sense for me to release my own version. We kept the design simple yet flavoursome, somewhere between regular and unique.

Currently we have them in three difference colours; Mustard, Oatmeal and Blue. Of course Mustard because it's our signature 'NabiilaBee' colour and it is also a trendy colour this season. Oatmeal because I have seen so many camel and nude coloured turtlenecks but they have always been too warm in tone and didn't suit most my wardrobe pieces, and so we chose this neutral colour that's neither grey nor camel but falls somewhere in between. Also it's muted compared to the other two, we wanted something suitable for work and smart/casual everyday wear that's easier to style.

And finally blue because I personally have been loving adding blue pieces to my outfits. And I haven't seen any blue turtlenecks this year. It's a great colour to layer with and add something more to an outfit if you're looking for that extra "punch" in you're style :)


So the embroidered Bee (which I love), is what makes these turtlenecks so different and unique. I did find it hard to figure out where to place the bee and had to play around with the positioning loads. In the end I felt this was the best placement as it's aesthetic and serves well for great selfies :P

For me quality is everything and a lot of research goes into finding the best quality in our products, these sweaters are 90% cashmere - so very soft and have a luxury feel to them. They are also very warm and perfect for those cold winter months (which I hate with a passion) and are super snug and comfy. 

They are currently only available in two sizes small and medium. If you are interested in a larger size do email us and leave any comments that you have on my first clothing collection as I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!


Hope you guys get a hold of one and can't wait to see you rocking them! xx

Makeup: @aishanazirmua

Styling: Nabiilabee

Photography: @the_frame_photography 

Nabiila x


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