Condiment or fashion trend?

Mustard is in! A shade of yellow, not quite a summer worthy sunny yellow, but rather, a cinnamon infused pot of honey perfect for the transition to winter and spicy enough for the October months.

The colour is not only gorgeous, but is also GREAT at getting along with all sorts of patters and textures. Wear it with leather for n edgy grungy look or with dark velvet for a more delicate look for the chilly days coming into winter.

This shade has been declared one of the colours of the season by Pantone fashion colour report, with designers such as Max Mara, Valentino, and Chloe all including this colour into their autumn/winter collection so its only right to make this colour available in the scarf collection.

Vibrant but also muted, this colour is perfect for throwing in some colour into a look and of course, a shade of yellow has to be included.

After all I am Nabiilabee x

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