So many thoughts and emotions stir within me, gliding through me, and sweep around me. This was the first London Fashion Week that I ever attended, so I really didn't know what to expect. As a hijabi I had my reservations and doubts about how people within the industry would treat and although I don't like to be proved wrong, on this occasion I was ecstatic that I was.

The people were so warm and welcoming, polite and open. From the staff to the guests to fellow bloggers, the vibe was insanely positive. I did notice there was a clear lack of hijabis attending or even part of the scene, I saw two hijabis in total all day which had me thinking about the diversity of an event like London Fashion Week. 

The location Brewer Street Car Park an unusual venue but completely transformed for the occasion. I felt a rush of butterflies to my stomach as soon as I saw the LFW sign in the exterior.  


The show I attended was Ashish's Spring/Summer 2017 collection and I instantly fell in love with the concepts, the vast array of colours and the GLITTER. Glitter is very subjective in fashion, you either love it or dislike it. Of course, I love it. With my autumn scarf collection shoot the jumpers worn were glittery and the fact that other designers recognised the significance and the magic of glitter made me immensely happy. Ashish's collection was very vibrant and embraced the indian culture, reflecting Indian gods/goddesses in the make-up to the barefoot feet inscribed with henna, I LOVED IT!

Nabiilabee x

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  • Looks like it was amazing!

    • N Roy