Ottoman Collection Launch

Salam my honey bees! As promised i am back to blogging regularly. In todays post i wanted to talk about my new collection: Ottoman. Inspired by my travels to Turkey this year i've already been there twice this year, that's how much i love it! 

I was really inspired by the beautiful prints and buildings and the history. It is just incredible! So being half Tatar from the Turkish descendant i thought it would be interesting to explore more of that side of the world. And as i love mixing and matching prints it was the perfect theme for this collection especially since Ramadan and Eid are fast approaching.  

What i love about this collection is how luxury but still wearable for everyday these scarves are. They are also made in Turkey. I had alot of fun picking colour themes and fabrics for this collection. Also these non - slip satin scarves are great as they can be styled in so many different ways and aren't slippery so easier to style for everyone. Even if your a beginner you won't struggle with these scarves.

I had so much fun putting this shoot together and working with my favourite photographer Paul Wilde, i also loved styling the model Sang in different styles. These colours also look great on all skin tones, it was so nice seeing them on someone else for the first time too. 

I hope you have fun styling the Ottoman Bee scarves just as much as i do! 

Photographer Paul Wilde @_wildephoto

Stylist Nabiilabee

Model @sangerspark

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