Our Honey Comb Bees

I absolutely love seeing you all wearing our Bee stuff! And every few weeks i like to compile all your selfies and images you send me and create our honey comb wall.  

Featured we have @modest_street @divaadana @farizajaved @karamaco @hodajaludi @alamaaree and other girls that sent me images through snapchat. Thank you to everyone that has put so much effort into the styling and wearing our turtlenecks! And love the use of emojis! 

If you want to be featured on our website and also my social media make sure to send in your photos to info@nabiilabee.uk or on snapchat my username is Nabiilabee

Can't wait to see more photos of you beauties rocking our Bee clothes and scarves! 

Nabiila x

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